Dayak Ngaju Long House Eco Adventure - 5 Days

Gunung Mas Long House

Explore Natural Beuty, Culture and Artistic Wisdom Of Dayak Ngaju in The Depth Of The Heart Of Borneo with 4×4 WD, Onjoyed Overnight in 3 original and old Long House, Visiting Batu Suli and Lapak Jaru.

A Dayak longhouse is sometimes over 200 meters long, host dozens of families, and is the whole village. While art of longhouses differ at the island, the structure of the building is all the same, as a long community house of a tribe, with seperated appartments for each family, a public terrace which is a long centered corridor in the front.

Day 1
Palangka Raya - Tumbang Malahoi ( L/D )

Arrived in Palangka Raya continue drive to Tumbang Malahoi Village, District of Rungan, Gunung Mas Regency ( 5 hour ) with 4 x 4 WD, Simple Lunch on Warung, Exploring Toyoi Longhouse and Tumbang Malahoi Village, visiting Sandung and Sapundu, visiting Craftsmen matting, Overnight at Toyoi Longhouse.

Day 2
Tumbang Malahoi -Tumbang Manggo ( B/L/D )

After breakfast, continue drive to Tumbang Manggo Village, District of Sanaman Mantikei, Katingan Regency ( 4 hour ), Exploring Tumbang Manggo Village, visiting Sandung Damang Karotot, Following Daily Dayaks Ngaju Day Life, Overnight at Bintang Patendu Long House.

Day 3
Tumbang Manggo-Tumbang Mahuroi-Tumbang Anoi ( B/L/D )

After breakfast, the journey continues drive to Upstream of Kahayan river, following main road the Forestry Company PT. Dwima to Tumbang Mahuroi Village ( 5 hour ) in Upstream Kahayan River, District Damang Batu, Gunung Mas Regency, enjoying the beauty and fresh air of mountains Schwanner, cooking and eat on the river bank that clear, after lunch continue Tumbang Anoi the Dayak Ngaju Historical Village, see the remnants the history of the Peace Agreement Dayak in Borneo 1894, Overnight at Anoi Longhouse.

Day 4
Tumbang Anoi -Tumbang Hamputung - Tumbang Korik - Tumbang Miri ( B/L/D )

After breakfast, continue drive to Tumbang Hamputung and continue use Motorized Canoe to Tumbang Koring Village visiting Tumbang Korik Longhouse and back again to Tumbang Hamputung and continue drive to Tumbang Miri Village, following to down the main road, Overnight in Motel at Tumbang Miri.

Day 5
Tumbang Miri-Tewah-Tumbang Pajangei- Kuala Kurun-Palangka Raya ( B/L/D )

After breakfast, continue drive to Upun Batu Village, visiting and Tracking to Peak of Batu Suli and continue drive to Tewah Village, after lunch continue to drive Tumbang Pajangei Village visiting the Historic Situs Tambun Bungai, The Dayak Ngaju Legend Hero, proceed to Kuala Kurun Capital City Gunung Mas Regency, visit Bawin Kameloh water fall and Primery Forest and trcaking in Lapak Jaru Forest Park and follow main road drive back to Palangka Raya ( 3 hour )

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Dayak Ngaju Long House Eco Adventure